The Chirui Baths


Băile Chirui 537141, Romania


The Chirui Baths (in Hungarian Kirulyfürdő, translated as "The King’s Baths ") are located on the Odorhei-Miercurea Ciuc road, near Vlăhiţa.

Thanks to the clean air, the quiet environment and the gentle climate, Chiruiul has long been the most beloved tourist settlement and spa resort in Harghita County and beyond. The Chirui baths have been known since 1600, but their development dates back to 1770.

At the entrance to the Chirui baths is the H503 Chirui drilling, which intermittently erupts mineral carbonated water. A circular bridge was built around it, and if you are lucky to arrive during the eruption, you will witness an unusual show.

In the resort area there are three carbonated springs, strongly mineralized (2-4 g / l). Water is particularly tasty because of its very high carbon dioxide content (CO2 = 1.6 g / l). They were recommended as treatment for digestive disorders, for hypoacidity and as diuretics, and externally for cardiovascular disease.

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