The Golgota from Șumuleu Ciuc


Șumuleu Ciuc, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania


Golgota from Şumuleu, known as "Jesus Pass", is the most famous Cross Station in Transylvania.

You can reach the Salvator chapel by following the path through the fir forest, on the Western slopes of the Şumuleu Mic hill. The Stations of the Cross Way, which could be found on the steep slope, represent the passions of Jesus. Many people follow the Way during the Whitsuntide Pilgrimage, praying. The stations declare the faith and the sacrifice of a person or a group.

The first written mention of Golgotha from Şumuleu dates back to 1834. After 1868, stone crosses were erected in place of the old wooden ones, but only a few remain today.

The new crosses were raised in the early twentieth century and are the work of the sculptor Kovács Béla from Jigodin.

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