Saint Anne Lake Bear Observatory


It is known that any tourist who comes to the lake area wants to see the bear. So we decided to ensure safe and civilized conditions for those interested in this great animal.

Although it works as a tourist observation point, that is to say, the program is in line with the needs of tourists, from the photographic point of view it is the best place to observe the bear in Transylvania and perhaps around the world.

From the closed observer, covered and created to provide safety, the bear can comfortably be observed in its natural environment, through its large glass panes, even in rainy weather.

The place is equipped with additional facilities. There is electricity, you can charge your phone or camera. It comes with heating, air conditioning and a toilet. The place also has outside reflectors suitable for observing bears at night. Here we can provide pleasant recreation for even 45 people.

The starting point is usually from the nearby cottage. From the cars we walk on a forest path with a slight slope of 400 meters. Since hiking is taking place in nature, it is good to prepare for an umbrella or a jacket for eventual rain.

Come and see the King of the Transylvanian Forests in his natural habitat, in all his grandeur.

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