Easter traditions


Maundy Thursday is the day of the betrayal and murder of Jesus. In memory of these events, in ​​Ciucul de Sus (Mădăraș village) the Lord's Supper is held by cooking and praying collectively.

Good Friday is the day of watching the holy body. In the villages of Ciuc area (Sântimbru-Ciuc, Sâncrăieni, Sândominic) and Gheorgheni area (Joseni), unmarried boys, dressed in folk garments and armed with wooden guns, watch the inanimate body of Jesus, starting from the
Great Friday to the Resurrection.

Another tradition preserved today, not only in the Szekler villages, but also in the city, is that of sprinkling the girls - an event that takes place on the second Easter day. The men and boys start their day by going together to "sprinkle" the girls. Seated in a wagon well decorated with fir branches, the boy enters each yard and sprinkles the girls and women with clean water, and saying various incantations.

Sources: www.cimec.ro

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