The grape festival

The grape festival


The grape festival or harvest festival is a well-known tradition in all the Transylvanian regions, and is organized around harvest and grape processing in September-October.

On the day of the event, young pairs dressed in folk clothes go through several localities around to invite the people to the festival. The young often go on horses, and the landladies serve them cakes.

The ball is opened with a thundering dance offered by young people called "csősz" - the organizers of the ball. They have to be careful and guard the grapes, which decorate the ballroom, after the guests are allowed to “steal” them.

Each year the queen and king of the ball are chosen, who guard the grapes and blow a whistle when they catch a thief in action. The "thief" caught is obliged to pay a symbolic sum in exchange for the grapes.

The party continues until the morning, with dancing and singing, raffles, games and the auction of the "grape crown", which is made from a giant grape cluster, in the middle of which is placed a bottle of the best wine of the community.

Buying the grape crown is a symbolic gesture that also determines a social status. Usually, the grapes and the wine are shared with the community at the festival.


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