Visit Harghita from home

Visit Harghita from home

For you own health, it is recommended that you avoid crowded areas for a time. However, staying at home doesn’t have to mean isolating yourself from everything. Discover Harghita county from your own couch. Plan now and visit later!

1. Explore the Praid salt mine in 3D.

Praid salt mine

2. Visit the Haáz Rezső Museum in Odorheiu Secuiesc/Székelyudvarhely online.

Haáz Rezső Museum

3. With the webpage, you can visit churches, museums, natural attractions and other places of interest.

4. You can find out more about the virtue of Harghita county on the Harghita Values website.

Harghita Values

5. Discover the treasures of our county.

Our treasures

6. Find an activity that suits you best.

What to do in Harghita

7. Listen to the free audio guides.

Audio Guide

8. Explore the places in Harghita county connected to awesome legends.

Legendary Harghita

9. Check out the list of places where the finest foods awaits you.

Top 25 Eat & Drink

10. Visit Harghita county with the help of our videos.

Visit Harghita on YouTube

11. Follow the bear observatory of Borzont on live stream.

Borzont bear observatory – live

+1 Learn the wonders of the county through travelers' photos.

Visit Harghita on Instagram

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